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about us

We are a dynamic husband and wife real estate duo accustomed to working tirelessly to accommodate the needs  of our clients. We distinguish ourselves not only through work ethic, but with superior knowledge and data analysis  of the highly nuanced Greater Boston real estate market.

Like any great husband and wife team, we complement

each other well. Tommy's  extroverted, go-getter / winner takes all style goes hand-in-hand with Erica's conscientious, patient, and supremely detailed-oriented approach. Ultimately, our strength lies

in our agility in handling all of the multi-faceted challenges 

real estate in this market presents!

Tommy handles the majority of client-facing activities, while Erica works behind the scenes making sure our operations run smoothly. However, make NO mistake, Erica is a closer

when the situation arises!

We look forward to proving our worth as members

of your home acquisition team!

P.S - Follow therealestatebaby on instagram to see how she completes our team!

  • Buyer representation (especially first time home buyers)
  • Specialized & methodical approach to listing properties
  • Rental Concierge 
  • Marketing & Sales background
  • Obsessive list maker
  • Desperately trying to improve golf game
  • Tulane Grad, ZBT Alum (President)​



  • Tenant & Landlord liason
  • Operations and marketing expert
  • Keen eye for interior design trends
  • Human Capital Management background
  • Finds herself completing the tasks to cross off Tommy's lists
  • Dog caretaker extraordinaire
  • Tulane Grad, SDT Alum
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